Stuart-Rev-300x300As a small business owner, all of the decisions for my business to fail or succeed rest on my shoulders. Big decisions are difficult. George has helped me break down my business goals into manageable parts. He’s showed me how to scrutinize how I spend my time, making sure that it's aligned with my priorities and goals. He’s helped me envision success by learning about different topics, how they will directly affect my progress toward successfully growing my business. Many of the ideas that he’s presented were foreign to me. Yet, he’s showed me that his ideas and procedures can not only help my business but anyone’s business. He’s taught me to play to my strengths and take action more effectively. This has proven to be an extremely productive process. I’ve never had a more optimistic view of my business success. I thank George and his Value Builder program and can highly recommend him to any business owner looking to open new doors for success in their business.

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Stewart Cross

“George knows what it takes to be a CFO that builds enterprises. His counsel, advice, encouragement, and guidance has be invaluable to me many times. George has a unique balance between entrepreneur and CFO. He knows what it takes to be a CEO which makes his performance as a CFO outstanding and unique. George has not only worked on my enterprises but I have also referred him to my CEO friends which have experienced George's quality performance as a CFO. You will find that he operates at a high level of integrity, honesty, and transparency.”

CEO, Stratagem, Inc.

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Laurie Genevish

“George has made a huge impact on my business and my life with his coaching. I had been so busy working on building my business. George made me stop to think about what is my end goal with the business. Will it live on without me or would I just keep growing? My husband was wondering the same thing. We have a dream of traveling in our retirement years. It didn't appear I was planning on stopping. George has helped me focus on my end goal so my husband and I can live our retirement dreams. His coaching, tools, and process make it easier for me to grow my business.”

Educational and Career Coach / Talent Development Consultant

GT Solutions International LLC
Larry Ross

“George was the finance controller with over sight for all Alaska operations. The operations were complex and numerous and included everything you would find in a small city. The key to success was cost containment through a very short season and George was able to give us the tools we needed to manage the operations for profit. He gets the operations side of the business and understands how the money is made, far from a "Bean counter" George supported us all. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Bergmark for a leadership role in any finance organization.”

General Manager, Rim Hospitality

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    “George is a good business person and a great service provider to his clients in the middle market. He gives his clients the attention they need and the results they expect. He is focused on results and delivers.”

    Oliver Holmes

    Partner, Carr Riggs & Ingram, LLC

  • GT Solutions International LLC

    “Working with George has made a huge difference in my business. I have clear know-how to set us apart from competition, predict cash flow, and generate recurring revenue. I know I'll be able to sell my business when (if) I want to!”

    Regina Sitterley

    Home Therapy Solutions of GA

  • GT Solutions International LLC

    “George was instrumental in helping us gain control over our accounting function and MIS. He is professional and highly dependable. I would not hesitate to hire him again if the need arises.”

    Attilio F. Galli

    CEO & Founder, Cogito Ventures, Inc.

  • GT Solutions International LLC

    “George is a highly experienced Financial and Operating executive with extensive experience in multiple industries.”

    Ed Murphy

    Managing Principal and Owner at CFO Financial Solutions

GT Solutions International LLC
Jeane Gutierrez

“George has been instrumental in helping our new business develop recurring revenue models, document processes to grow and scale and structure it to sell one day. It is eye opening when regardless of your business or industry, he is able to apply the same concepts to each one. We are so fortunate to go through the Value Builder System with George early on in our endeavor, rather than years later after burnout and realizing there could have been a better way!”

Producer, Slate828 Productions LLC

GT Solutions International LLC
Brian Kramer

“I've been working with George for several years as well as a few months as part of the Value Builder program. George has a very impressive background and brings a great deal to this program. I particularly enjoy watching him coach and mentor the other participants in the program. This program is impressive and George does a great job facilitating it.”

Owner, Business Innovation Team (BIT)

GT Solutions International LLC
Pam Terry

“I have known George since 1997 when he was a client at Business Systems & Solutions. George is someone I would recommend highly for any endeavor. George has stayed in touch with me over the years and exemplifies the art of networking. He is open, dependable, thoughtful of others and has excellent business acumen. He is personable and professional at the same time. A great friend!”

Optimist and Speaker

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Brian Callahan

“George is a consummate professional with a vast array of expertise. His communication and organizational skills have been honed through many years of experience. George is extremely well connected in the financial community as well as the investor community, making him a go-to advisor for any Company that needs help in securing growth capital or in seeking working capital loans. Bravo, George!!”

President, MCA Advisors, Corp.

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Brenda Horne

“While I have not worked with George in his professional capacity as a client, we know one another through Buckhead Business Association. We worked together on a committee to plan the 2009 "A Taste of Buckhead Business EXPO". He provided great input to the committee, is a clear and concise thinker, and is professional in every aspect. These are characteristics of a solid business person and leader.”

Executive Director, Community Health Charities of America