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If you are looking for capital for your start-up or growing entrepreneurial business, The GTSI Investor Forum could be your place for funding.

The Value Builder System

A Complete System for Building Value

The Value Builder System™ features 12 modules that form a sequential process for building the value of your client’s business. Having a system gives both you and your client confidence and a structure to your relationship.

Exit Your Business

For a successful exit, you need to be able to say a hearty “Yes!” to two important questions:

1. Is your business ready for you to exit?

2. Are you ready to exit?

It’s an easy question to ask, but it can be difficult to answer. This is why we’ve created a five-step action plan to ensure you have a happy, lucrative exit from your business.

The Value Builder System™ is an online platform with a suite of tools designed to build company value over time. The business owner and their Certified Value Builder login to our secure system to complete exercises, set goals and track progress against a variety of value-building metrics.

We utilize the Value Builder System™ to identify the opportunities most likely to enhance the value of your business, and the issues that are certain to reduce value. Once we've assessed each of the value drivers in a clients business, we develop an actionable plan suited to each clients timeline and goals.


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GT Solutions International LLC

“George is a consummate professional with a vast array of expertise. His communication and organizational skills have been honed through many years of experience. George is extremely well connected in the financial community as well as the investor community, making him a go-to advisor for any Company that needs help in securing growth capital or in seeking working capital loans. Bravo, George!!”

President, MCA Advisors, Corp.

GT Solutions International LLC

“George was the finance controller with over sight for all Alaska operations. The operations were complex and numerous and included everything you would find in a small city. The key to success was cost containment through a very short season and George was able to give us the tools we needed to manage the operations for profit. He gets the operations side of the business and understands how the money is made, far from a "Bean counter" George supported us all. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Bergmark for a leadership role in any finance organization.”

General Manager, Rim Hospitality

GT Solutions International LLC

“George knows what it takes to be a CFO that builds enterprises. His counsel, advise, encouragement and guidance has be invaluable to me many times. George has the unique balance between entrepreneur and CFO. He knows what it takes to be a CEO which makes his performance as a CFO outstanding and unique. George has not only worked on my enterprises but I have also referred him to my CEO friends which have experienced George's quality performance as a CFO. You will find that he operates at a high level of integrity, honesty, and transparency. ”

CEO, Stratagem, Inc.

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