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GT Solutions International is focused on assisting Private Business Owners to become Executive Chairmen of their businesses and Build Business Valuation in preparation for an eventual exit through Membership in the GTSI ValueBuilder as they progress from Team Member to Navigator to Business Owner Peer Group Member while Creating a Company That Can Thrive Without You.

Services Provided:

Certified ValueBuilder Advisor – Business Valuations, Peer Group Coaching, One-on-One Coaching

GTSI Investor Forum – Private Angel Investor Meetings

Assistance with Mergers, Acquisitions and Exit Strategies

Outsourced Executive Leadership – CEO/COO/CFO/CIO

The Value Builder System™ is an online platform with a suite of tools designed to build company value over time. The business owner and their Certified Value Builder login to our secure system to complete exercises, set goals and track progress against a variety of value-building metrics.

We utilize the Value Builder System™ to identify the opportunities most likely to enhance the value of your business, and the issues that are certain to reduce value. Once we've assessed each of the value drivers in a clients business, we develop an actionable plan suited to each clients timeline and goals.


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GT Solutions International LLC
Laurie Genevish

“George has made a huge impact on my business and my life with his coaching. I had been so busy working on building my business. George made me stop to think about what is my end goal with the business. Will it live on without me or would I just keep growing? My husband was wondering the same thing. We have a dream of traveling in our retirement years. It didn't appear I was planning on stopping. George has helped me focus on my end goal so my husband and I can live our retirement dreams. His coaching, tools, and process make it easier for me to grow my business.”

Educational and Career Coach / Talent Development Consultant

GT Solutions International LLC
Brian Kramer

“I've been working with George for several years as well as a few months as part of the Value Builder program. George has a very impressive background and brings a great deal to this program. I particularly enjoy watching him coach and mentor the other participants in the program. This program is impressive and George does a great job facilitating it.”

Owner, Business Innovation Team (BIT)

GT Solutions International LLC
Regina Sitterley

“Working with George has made a huge difference in my business. I have clear know-how to set us apart from competition, predict cash flow, and generate recurring revenue. I know I'll be able to sell my business when (if) I want to!”

Home Therapy Solutions of GA

GT Solutions International LLC

“As a small business owner, all of the decisions for my business to fail or succeed rest on my shoulders. Big decisions are difficult. George has helped me break down my business goals into manageable parts. He’s showed me how to scrutinize how I spend my time, making sure that it's aligned with my priorities and goals. He’s helped me envision success by learning about different topics, how they will directly affect my progress toward successfully growing my business. Many of the ideas that he’s presented were foreign to me. Yet, he’s showed me that his ideas and procedures can not only help my business but anyone’s business. He’s taught me to play to my strengths and take action more effectively. This has proven to be an extremely productive process. I’ve never had a more optimistic view of my business success. I thank George and his Value Builder program and can highly recommend him to any business owner looking to open new doors for success in their business.”

Headshot Photographer

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